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The urgent need for healthcare facilities

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Sub-saharan Africa accounts for 12% of the world population & bears 24% of the world disease burden

UNICEF states that “Sub-Saharan Africa remains the most troubling geographic area.... 1 in every 6 children dies before age five.” Almost half of all deaths of children under five occurred in sub-Saharan Africa. Yet only 22 percent of children were born there.

The majority of deaths have been due to infectious diseases, malnutrition and neo-natal and pregnancy-related conditions.

Sub-Saharan Africa, the hardest hit region, is home to two-thirds (69%) of people living with HIV but has only about 12% of the world’s population.

Almost all of the region’s nations have generalized HIV epidemics—that is, their national HIV prevalence rate is greater than 1%. In 9 countries, more than 10% of adults are estimated to be HIV-positive.

Kidney related diseases are also one of the biggest causes of death in Africa, esp. in Nigeria.

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