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The Board of APG is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, integrity and ethics. We have established a corporate governance structure that will allow the delivery of our strategy. APG is committed to building and maintaining a sustainable business. We are also committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in every country and community where we establish our business.
The key elements of our governance structures include:
  • Ensuring quality healthcare

  • Delivering good clinical outcomes

  • Maintaining rigorous principles of corporate governance, integrity and ethics

  • Maintaining proper risk management and internal control systems

  • Engaging with all of our stakeholders in each geography

  • Managing our business in a sustainable manner

  • Being a good employer, and offering our employees competitive remuneration packages based on fairness, equality and reasonableness.

Risk Management

Risk management at APG Healthcare Holdings will essentially be focused on two stages: the construction/ commissioning stage and the operational stage of healthcare facilities.

The objective of risk management within APG is to establish an effective framework for risk management to allow for all key risks to be identified, quantified and managed. We take into account risks at all organisational levels, and attune our systems to identify risks that may be specific to each country in which we currently or will operate.


Key operational, financial and strategic risks to the business are identified, and take into account the significance of health, safety and environmental issues, together with social and governance matters of APG. While risks cannot be eliminated altogether, we seek to operate our business under acceptable risks to achieve organizational objectives

Other Investor Relations Matters

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