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APG has been working with Medica Synergie from India on the delivery of various medical aspects of its hospitals. Going forward, APG will continue to use Medica Synergie and other similar medical partners of international calibre to design, deliver, operate and manage its facilities.

MEDICA SYNERGIE PVT. LTD. (“Medica”) is the largest integrated healthcare provider in Eastern India serving a catchment population of over 450 million. The group focuses on providing strategic inputs and technical assistance to the healthcare sector on both Demand and Supply sides of Health System Policy, Planning, Research and Implementation. Medica owns and operates its own facilities (2,400 beds across 13 facilities, where over 2,500,000 patients have been treated till date), in addition to providing turnkey consultancy services from feasibility studies to design to manpower planning through to commissioning.

Founded in 2006, Medica has in a short span of time established itself as the leading hospital chain in East India with a strong brand recall.  It provides affordable, high-end & quality Multi-Specialty Tertiary/Secondary Care services targeted at the burgeoning middle-income population of Eastern and North Eastern states of the country and neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan.  It is the largest chain of hospitals in East India with 4 tertiary care hospitals and 3 secondary care hospitals. Strong opportunity and potential for upgrading each of the secondary care facilities to tertiary care in the next few years.


Medica has one of the most experienced and entrepreneurially-minded management teams in Indian healthcare, with a core team that has worked together for over 16 years. It has a strong, established & committed set of doctors – with one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry and a proven ability to attract and retain the best clinical talent.


The Medica team comprises over 4500 healthcare professionals with a deep domain knowledge of healthcare enterprise planning and management.  The team has over 1500 man-years of experience of planning well over 6 million square feet across 75 hospitals and has managed over 45 hospitals in India and abroad.  Medica has practical insights in implementing quality management systems in 150 hospitals and has developed India’s largest community-based Health Insurance Scheme towards making healthcare more affordable to 5 million people in India.  It has also established tele-medicine facilities across 100 sites across Asia to deliver healthcare to a wider population.  Medica already treats a large number of patients from the African continent and also trains several African doctors at its facilities in India.


The Medica team has worked on healthcare facilities across all of India, and also in international markets including Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Bangladesh, Nepal, Yemen and Afghanistan.


In a typical year at its owned hospitals, Medica treats over 400,000 patients, admits over 50,000 patients, and carries out over 1100 cardiac surgeries, over 300 joint replacements, over 1200 neurosurgeries and over 7500 Cath-lab procedures.


Medica’s owned and managed flagship facility is a 500-bed multi-specialty in Kolkata, India.


At its 13 facilities comprising 2,400 beds, in an average year Medica typically:

  • treats over 400,000 patients

  • carries out over 50,000 dialysis procedures

  • carries out over 7,500 Cath-Lab procedures

  • performs over 1,100 Cardiac surgeries

  • performs over 1,200 Neuro surgeries

  • carries out several hundred organ transplants

  • carries out over 300 joint replacements


Medica has an extremely active consultancy division that provides turnkey design solutions focusing on functionality and optimum space utilization through environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings.  These designs are all in compliance with international medical facility accreditations such as JCI.  The division offers complete services including market studies, architectural planning, equipment planning, human resource planning, project management and commissioning assistance, development of hospital information systems and operational services post-commissioning. 


The combination of APG and its medical partner therefore brings to bear an entrepreneurial business group that is already committed to healthcare in Africa and has the proven ability to establish both greenfield hospitals/healthcare systems and also to develop profitable businesses across sectors often in challenging environments.  Through Medica’s team of architects, engineers, hospital and equipment planners, interior designers, quality controllers, clinical experts and Hospital Information Systems experts, a turnkey ability to establish new hospitals from the planning phase through to commissioning and thereafter throughout the operations phase is provided.


Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts are the most common form of contract used to undertake construction works by the private sector on a large-scale infrastructure projects.


While APG will continually look for ways in which to optimize construction costs for hospitals, the Company has an initial Memorandum of Understanding signed with CRJE (East Africa) Limited (a China Railway Group Limited Company) regarding the proposed development of its hospitals. This MoU was reached after the Company management conducted a survey across several key markets, in particular seeking large and reliable EPC contractors that would be able to fulfil the requirements of the Company in multiple geographies.


The China Railway Group is one of the largest civil-works EPC contractors globally, and its subsidiary has been operating extensively in Africa for over 25 years.  Under this MOU, CRJE, a leading construction entity in Africa, is interested in collaborating with and providing support to APG in respect of development of Pan Africa hospitals.  CRJE wishes to secure the contracts to construct (or modify buildings, where required) the hospitals to be established by APG. APG will award such contracts to CRJE and other similar contractors with international-quality delivery capabilities, according to the design specifications provided by and under supervision of APG’s architectural and project management team, with the terms for each hospital to be separately discussed on a case-by-case basis and governed by individual contracts to be awarded by CRJE.

CRJE Company Overview

CRJE (EAST AFRICA) Limited, an Africa based construction company, registered as “Class One” Contractor, is a multifunctional construction enterprise covering fields like Buildings, M&E installation, Real Estate, Bridge and High way, Railway lines etc.

With a history of over 65 years, China Railway Group Limited (CREC) is a multifunctional construction enterprise, which covers a wide range of business and services e.g. survey and design, construction and installation, industrial manufacturing, development of real estate and mineral resources, consultation and supervision etc. EAST


With more than 300,000 employees both in China and around the world, CREC has significant credentials:
  • Total assets of 61.7 billion US dollars

  • Turnover of 70 billion US dollars

  • The second largest construction contractor around the world.

  • Being one of the 500 biggest companies and the 500 most valuable brands in the world for several years successively.

Projects in Africa:
  • Hospitals

  • Luxurious hotels

  • High rise buildings

  • Landmark buildings

  • Real estate development

  • Industrial construction

  • Bridges and road construction

  • Railway construction


Examples of CRJE’s Hospital Projects in Africa
  • Mahalapye District Hospital in Mahalapye, Republic of Botswana

  • Institute of Health Sciences at Serowe, Republic of Botswana

  • University of Dodoma Medicare Centre, United Republic of Tanzania

  • (Ongoing) Kakamega Teaching and Referral Hospital, The Republic of Kenya

  • Hospital General De Luanda, The Republic of Angola

  • South Sudan Juba Teaching Hospital, Republic of South Sudan

  • Aided Benin Hospital Project, República Popular do Benin

  • China-Uganda Friendship Hospital Naguru, Republic of Uganda

  • Children’s Hospital in Senegal, Republic of Senegal

  • Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital, Republic of Zimbabwe

  • China-aided Project of Tappita Hospital, Republic of Liberia


The CREC group has also built several hospitals in other geographies, including in China.  Further, CRJE has had a number of interactions with the Medica and medical architect teams working with APG and understands the complexity of the facilities being developed.

Technical Advantages

CRJE is the leading Class One Building & Civil Contractor and the Best Foreign Contractor in Tanzania, and has been issued the ISO9001 Quality Assurance System, ISO14001 for the Environmental Control System, and OHSAS18001 Health System respectively. The company has a high quality technical team and excellent equipment to support the construction of projects.


Multiple Country Presence

CRJE is present in a number of countries in East Africa and additionally has a number of sister entities under the CREC group in other parts of Africa.  Therefore, APG is able to take advantages of a wider relationship with the contractor to negotiate better construction rates.  Additionally, the technical aspects of hospital construction are well understood by CRJE.


Advantages on Financial Leasing

CRJE has a long-term and stable relationship with many banks in East Africa and in China, which give CRJE financial support for projects overseas.  APG will seek to leverage off these banking relationships with the support of CRJE.


The China Railway Group is one of the largest civil-works EPC contractors globally, and its subsidiary has been operating extensively in Africa for over 25 years.  Under this MOU, CRJE, a leading construction entity in Africa, is interested in collaborating with and providing support to APG in respect of development of Pan Africa hospitals

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