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The new healthcare network for Africa

The Project
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APG Healthcare Holdings Limited  (APG) is establishing a new independent network of hospitals across major cities, primarily on the African continent. This is with the support of key local partners and international best-in-class construction and healthcare management/Operator Support.  

Healthcare Overview


African countries have some of the lowest levels of healthcare expenditure as a % of their GDP, which indicates a highly underserviced market. A number of African countries’ healthcare spending have high out of pocket components, as a result of which private players are well-positioned to leverage this opportunity



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The promoters of APG have several years of experience in Africa, working across sectors in a number of different countries. They have spent a number of years developing an understanding of the healthcare market on the continent, and have studied in depth the compelling need for better services in the sector. The promoters have carried out detailed feasibility studies and field assessments with well-established international medical professionals, and have fostered strong relationships with land partners in each country, with international-quality EPC contractors, with equipment suppliers, with financing partners and with healthcare management/operator teams.

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